Exposing the fake Republicans and tossing them out at the ballot box.

R.I.N.O. - What is it?

(Republican In Name Only)

  • If it wasn't for the "R" by their name, you'd think they were a Democrat
  • Doesn't act at all like a conservative - no conservative principles
  • Works for special interests/lobbying groups instead of conservative ideals
  • Two-faced
  • Doesn't follow through on their promises
  • Often calls true conservatives "fake conservatives" or libertarians

We Need Your Help

Support Stop Idaho RINOs


We are currently working on our new list of RINOs that need to be ousted. Stay tuned and if you are a liberty-minded patriot who finds someone on our list that resides in your district, please consider connecting with people and running to replace them!

If you have information and would like to share it with us, please fill out the form below.

    Email Your State Legislators

    Paid for by the Stop Idaho RINOs PAC: PAC, independent of and not in coordination with a political candidate, a candidate’s authorized committee, a political party committee, and / or their respective agent(s). | John Heida Treasurer

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