As most people who know me in real life, or online, I have never been one to mince words. I spent 18 years in the military/continuing the mission. I have always been a steward of the truth, whether it comes without “ladylike” language or hurts feelings. I am a no-holds-barred person. It’s why I was recruited to help in the Lt Governor campaign in Idaho. Priscilla was one of our program’s pilots who knew my character and saw me as a potential asset. This led to my further embedment into state politics. By some miracle, I found like-minded, truth to a fault, individuals just like me. To this day I work with them intimately to further the cause of Liberty for this state. I have also been a part of many media ventures, PAC/Organization involvement, and in 2023 I was asked by candidates elected in District 2 to come to the Capitol for session and assist them.

 My days at the Capitol were often a blur. I remember going home and thinking “I know I did 1,000 things today, but my brain is mush and I cannot remember a single one standing out”. Running between chambers and disseminating information was a large part of my volunteerism. Contrary to popular belief, the legislators have little to no assistance there and on top of the thousands of emails/phone calls, they must read every bill and stay up to date with their (two to three) committees. It really is a circus, and information is rarely transferred between House and Senate in the mix of it all. From a strategic standpoint this appears to be intentional with the hope that statutes slip through to benefit the (very real) corporatocracy that exists in this state. (See HB138).

Something most people do not know about me is that I am a United States Border Patrol brat. My grandfather, uncle, and dad are all retired USBP. The immigration issues are something I have lived close quarters with since I was born. I have a unique perspective on the issues, and since this has been my family’s legacy, I am ardently against illegal immigration. I don’t need to detail the horrific stories my family members were exposed to- to get this point across. Just know that when the Amnesty bill SJM101 showed up in the legislature in 2023- I was ardently against it. To my (and many others’) surprise the Senator I was working for voted in favor. This person frequents the border crisis and knows how awful the situation is, but he had an explanation. For perception purposes (regarding my family history), I decided to resign as his volunteer. This isn’t to be a condemnation of that Senator, his voting record is impeccable, it was just a big difference on one of my red line items and I had to respectfully leave. The meeting was private, it was behind closed doors in his office, and I had no animosity in the situation.

Also… while at the 2023 session… I met another volunteer- Amy Henry. She seemed smart on all things education-related, she was tenacious, she testified at many committee hearings. I also knew she was on the transition team for Debbie Critchfield. For me, this was a huge red flag. Debbie Critchfield is a known RINO in the state who receives money from all the massive corporations. She even came to the Capitol and stated, “no taxpayer dollars will go outside the government school system”. I am not team Debbie. Two of her campaign team members are particularly detestable- recently posting pictures on social media with a socialist and colluding with leftist accounts. Here was Amy Henry though, who appeared to be her surrogate to link liberty legislators into written bills with the favor or co-sponsorship of Critchfield. In addition, Amy worked out of the office of a particular legislator who has a history of attempting to tarnish the strongest female conservatives in previous sessions at the statehouse. I went along to get along and saw Amy from day to day, but (correctly) never let my guard down. This all came to a screeching halt after a particular incident.

 Amy had been live streaming on Facebook during different committee hearings. The one in question was during a House Education Committee hearing. The chair of that committee had been smacking down bills that removed pornography from the children’s sections in libraries (HB139 which eventually became HB314 in House State Affairs Committee). Amy recently -at her LD13 Town Hall- touted HB314 as one of her successes, even though the books she had ready to go for the legislators were the wrong books. They were not in violation. Staff had to emergency run into the committee room and remove Amy’s books, and I vividly remember helping her stack lists of nasty books to supplement her mistake. After one of these committee meetings, Amy accidentally left her Facebook Live running when she confronted the House Education Committee chair. When she realized this, she made the video private. I received a phone call from her on my way back to north Idaho explaining she had this recording, the chair had slandered another legislator on the committee, and this could be cause for an ethics complaint. I had plenty of media teed up and ready to publish it. Then Amy went full crickets. The recording never arrived; I was never able to hear it. Her district censured the chair for supporting pornography in the children’s sections of the library, contrary to the republican platform. When Amy did not attend that meeting and didn’t vote for censure, I immediately realized what was happening. In my opinion, she got cold feet on the recording (that absolutely deserved to be public) and began working with the Chair instead. To this day, no one knows what was on that recording.

 Time went on and session ends. Amy decides to run in the LD13 race against the incumbent and Steve Tanner- who announced before her. This is a vote splitting tactic that will give the RINO incumbent the win. In the time preceding to the current 2024 session Amy managed to accrue an open meetings violation on the Empowering Parents Panel (another bona fides she touted at her LD13 Town Hall) and has thrown around unfounded allegations of assault on her by Steve Tanner. Apparently, besides name dropping (we counted twenty name drops at her LD13 Town Hall), Amy is a fan of allegations.

 A few weeks ago, I was at AmericaFest in Phoenix for one of my media ventures when I received a peculiar accusation in an Idaho Freedom Foundation chat room on Telegram.

Not only was none of this true, but it was also easily verifiably false. There are no records in the Capitol Police or Idaho State Police with my name on them. I continued the session working on the House side, my badge was never removed or revoked. I resigned from the Senator in his office not in the hallway… and I certainly never threw a badge at him. Here is the letter from that exact Senator explaining this claim is false, and that he would gladly work with me again:

What I had NOT anticipated, however, was that Amy Henry was propagating these rumors around the Capitol as an attempt to keep me from attending the 2024 session. She has told others that volunteers now have additional ethics training because “of what Lauren did last session”. Strange. As I did nothing of disrepute last session other than assist legislators with my time and skills. I wasn’t running for office. I didn’t need an ulterior motive to help my friends who gave me a few bucks here and there for food and gas. *Come to find out the new training is linked to an issue of people accessing areas in the past that they shouldn’t, and this training revamp was already on the docket to occur. It had nothing to do with my fictitious scenario as Amy implies.* I am here to save my state. That is my motive. My actions and words, while to some harsh and dividing, are meant to be exactly that. This is a nation where everything weaponized is provably happening in our state. This is not a time to “hold hands” and “cross the aisle”. We have ranked choice voting foaming at the mouth on our doorsteps and leftists are affiliating as Republicans to spike GOP primaries. If I had to brag about my time at the statehouse for whatever personal motivation “salaciously lying about disabled veterans who volunteer their time to help conservatives at the Capitol” would not be on my agenda. But maybe it’s on others. If I was LD13 I would be voting for Steve Tanner.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

 Lauren Walker

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