Idaho, we have a “friend problem.”

Parents of teenagers likely know this subject matter well, having doubtlessly given the “you are the company that you keep” advice to their teens. But, have you talked to them about those who see their light and choose to exploit it as a way of mimicry, deceit, and self-promotion?

Some of Idaho’s strongest liberty fighters find themselves being manipulated by one of the very light thieves referenced above. Why do some adamantly ignore the abundance of red flags (and we don’t mean Rod Furniss) that glaringly challenge what they stand against? Why are some allowing themselves to be taken advantage of for perceived support and endorsements on one hand while on the other they fight relentlessly against the evil powers in our state like the IACI Establishment?

Idaho’s battle lines could not be more clear, leaving no room for mushy candidates or legislators. Those too weak to speak out about the wrongdoings of the Idaho establishment and being willing to work alongside and protect establishment players are complicit in the destruction of our great state. Liberty fighters who defend those wavering on the line simply because they are “friends,” “seem nice,” “attend the same church,” or are “at the Capitol everyday” must divorce themselves from these emotionally driven political alliances because future generations depend on our ability to separate the wheat from the chaff.