Sarah Chaney – Candidate

Sarah Chaney’s Twitter is very telling about what kind of a “Republican” she is. She routinely shares posts from known Democrat activists. She follows an astounding amount of leftists, and they follow her as well. She also speaks out of both sides of her mouth.

Sounds great right? Don’t we all strive for unity? Until you read most of her tweets that try to tear apart large portions of the Republican party… and label them things like: “far-right,” “libertarians,” “Anarchists,” “Conflict-entrepenuers,” “fringe,” etc.

Sarah started a Political Action Committee (PAC) where she weaponizes those words on a frequent basis. She calls everyone to her right, a libertarian. Like her husband Greg, she frequently calls people who moved here from other states, who have primarily left their previous home states because the state got too liberal, as far-right.

Through her PAC’s Twitter account, and her personal Twitter account, she routinely shares posts from known leftists.

Through her retweets and the words she chooses to use, it seems as though she has more in common with known leftists than with the actual Republicans in the district she wants to represent.

Is this really the type of person you want representing you in Boise?