The Idaho House Bill 167 (HB167) has raised concerns about potential government overreach in all pandemics. The broad definition of “critical infrastructure” in the bill has sparked fears that it could infringe on individual rights and freedoms by allowing the federal government to take control of a wide array of essential locations.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has provided a long list of locations that fall under the umbrella of critical infrastructure, including hospitals, educational institutions, food establishments, transportation systems, and more. HB167 is concerning with the broad definition of critical infrastructure in the bill, and it could allow the federal government to take over these locations and potentially overstep its bounds.

While the recently released Zero draft of the WHO pandemic accord notes contributing factors to pandemics, there is concern that HB167 language could be used as a guise to justify the federal takeover of critical infrastructure in any pandemic. The broad definition of “critical infrastructure” in HB167 raises legitimate concerns that this accord could be implemented in our state. In the draft itself, it states, “The Parties will identify and integrate into relevant pandemic prevention and preparedness plans interventions that address the drivers of the emergence and re-emergence of disease at the human-animal-environment interface, including but not limited to climate change, land use change, wildlife trade, desertification, and antimicrobial resistance.” This is the gateway to including not only viral pandemics but also climate change. The impending arbitrary decisions made in the name of climate change science could be the conduit used to take our freedoms. 

The World Economic Forum has published an article detailing “the entities, responsible for the most important critical systems and assets in the US, that would be granted special assistance from the federal government as well as assume increased responsibility for additional security and information security requirements that are vital to their unique status and importance.” It is exactly as feared. This language opens the gateway for total federal control over a massive array of locations within our communities. 

The long list of locations provided by CISA underscores the potential scope of federal government control. It is essential to find a balance between security and individual rights and freedoms. The concerns over the use of the term “critical infrastructure” in HB167 highlights the need for caution and careful consideration.

Use the following link to quickly email the entire Idaho House of Representatives to vote NO on this trojan horse!